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OPTIONS include a lid bottle/can recycling component, bolt down kit and/or rigid liner.
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COLOR OPTIONS for the lid and base let you
design the right FanCan for you.

What are FanCansTM?

  • A unique and innovative class of litter and recycling containers targeted to sports fans, facility managers, and corporate sponsors.
  • The roto-molded plastic lids are shaped like baseball, football and motor sports helmets. The lids rest atop Toter, Inc.'s commercial litter/recycling containers, and collectively make up FanCansTM.
  • FanCansTM can be produced in any team colors, and branded with any team and corporate sponsor logos.

FanCansTM Benefits

  • Provides fans with an enhanced game day experience.
  • Fits into sponsorship strategy as an advertising billboard.
  • Increases brand impressions through multiple locations and fan usage.
  • Fits into facility and corporate sponsor recycling campaign plans with enough room to display advertiser brand, team, and recycling logos.
  • FanCansTM are more durable than "off-the-shelf" litter and recycling containers.

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